Installing and Updating 3DShoemaker

The following is an explanation on how to update 3DShoemaker.

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of Rhino3D.
  • If you have any version 1 installations of 3DShoemaker, make sure to disable them in the plugin manager (type PluginManager in the command prompt) then restart Rhino3D.
  • Install the latest version of 3DShoemaker via the package manager (type PackageManager in the command prompt), then restart Rhino3D. This is also how you update to new versions of 3DShoemaker.
  • Double check to make sure 3DShoemaker is enabled in the plugin manager. If you had to enable it, a restart of Rhino3D will be necessary.
  • The Basic version is free to use and you can start using it right away. If you’ve purchased a license key for an edition more advanced than ‘Basic’, then the next step is to activate it by typing Activate3DShoemaker in the command prompt. A form will come up allowing you to enter your license key.
  • If you are installing a 3DShoemaker license key on a new computer, you may need to first deactivate your license on another computer using the Deactivate3DShoemaker command.
  • Uninstalling 3DShoemaker

  • Open the “PackageManager”, search and select the 3DShoemaker plugin, and click the uninstall button.
  • Restart Rhino.
  • Open the “PluginManager” to make sure that 3DShoemaker is not enabled. If it is, then uncheck it and restart Rhino again.
  • That’s it for installing and uninstalling 3DShoemaker. Next you may want to check out the guide to getting started in 3DShoemaker.

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