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3DShoemaker 3D Models/Prints FAQ

  • Where is my order?

    Lead time is shown on your order receipt. Please avoid inquiring about order status unless one business day more than stated lead time has passed.

  • What shoe size should I order and what are the measurements?

    Shoe sizing is inconsistent from one brand to another, so it can be difficult to know your shoe size. We follow what we believe to be the most widely accepting sizing. All measurements for shoe lasts can be viewed via the ‘show measurements’ check box on the ordering form. And the insole patterns for standard sized orders can also be viewed prior to purchase here. Note that we no longer provide shoe last sizing recommendations based on foot measurements alone. This is because the shapes of the foot and shoe last also have an impact on what size is best (along with many other factors). A tracing could help us make a recommendation, but by the time we start inputting measurements and analyzing tracings and comparing to specific shoe last designs, we’re well along the path of the full bespoke process. So we tend to just suggest bespoke lasts unless you are familiar with what shoe size typically works best for you. Customers with an interest in sizing might consider reading the following resources which could help them decide on a shoe last size on their own:

    viewing our collection of insole patterns

    measuring girths

    tracing the foot and taking measurements

    adding allowances to foot measurements

  • How much do your products cost? What about for custom shoe lasts and size runs (volume discounts)?

    The best way to see pricing is to add items to your cart. All prices get updated based on your selections. For instance, choosing a bespoke or custom shoe last from the level of customization drop down affects cost. When ordering size runs (add various sizes of a style to your cart), discounts get applied automatically once items are in your cart.

    Quantity discounts get applied after items get added to your cart and are as follows (per item, not cart):
    2-5: 5%
    6-10: 10%
    11-15: 15%
    16-20: 20%

  • There is an issue with my order, what can be done (wrong size, fit, or quality issue)?

3DShoemaker Rhino3D Plugin FAQ

  • Is 3DShoemaker available on Mac and other languages besides English? What about as a plugin for other software besides Rhino?

    3DShoemaker is only available for Rhino on Windows and only in English. There currently are no plans to change this.

  • Can I import shoe lasts I have 3D models for?

    You can’t import external shoe last CAD models exactly. What you can do is put them on a temporary layer and then adjust a 3DShoemaker template until it is a reasonable match. This is a time consuming process. But once you have a template you like, creating a coherent library of templates is more straightforward than with other shoe last software programs.

  • I'm encountering issues, what are some trouble shooting steps?

    General Things to Solve Issues:

    • 3DShoemaker requires that your computer is set to treat periods as decimal points. If it is set to commas, this will cause issues. To switch to periods, go to Regions/Additional Settings on your windows computer and set it here. This will should the error of wrong units or scale.
    • Avoid zeros for the various parameters. Zero values essentially tell 3DShoemaker that you are working with a template that was developed in an older version of the plugin that did not have that parameter. The workaround is to use a number close to zero, like 0.1 for instance.
    • Set Microsoft Windows including keyboard settings to English. This may not always be necessary, but if you are encountering issues, it could be due to language settings.
    • Reinstall 3DShoemaker. If you are encountering issues with the installation, it’s a good idea to try reinstalling (uninstall the install) 3DShoemaker.
    • Review the YouTube videos. There is an extensive set of YouTube videos that, if you follow along closely, may solve your problem.

    If these general steps don’t solve your problem, and the problem relates to getting the plugin up and running and building your first model, then feel free to contact us for support. But if your issue is beyond installation and building your first shoe last, and relates to something more advanced, then note that the basic support included with a plugin license does not encompass this. Please contact us for training/consulting services.

  • Can you explain how to do something teach me something about using the software?

    The support included with the plugin license purchase only encompasses support installing and building a first shoe last. Beyond that, training/consulting services are available on a paid hourly basis. There is also an extensive array of YouTube tutorials on how to use the software.

We are currently receiving a high volume of emails. Before emailing, we kindly ask that you review the above FAQs and also check our blog and software learning pages. Links to guides are also found throughout the website, on product pages, and on the ordering forms. But if you cannot find an answer to your question in these various resources, please feel free to email us at