3DShoemaker for Rhino 3D (Windows)

3DShoemaker is the only fully parametric shoe last design software. With 3DShoemaker, the art of shoe last design becomes science. In addition to shoe lasts, you can parametrically design heels, wedges, and orthotics. Everything can be graded to different sizes and patterns can be flattened. 3DShoemaker can also import 3D foot models for designing custom footwear. And morphing curves and bodies from one shoe last to another is also possible.

3DShoemaker operates as a plugin in the commercial CAD software Rhinoceros 3D (for Windows only, not Mac yet) and can be installed via the package manager (instructions here). Rhino itself is the most popular general purpose CAD software used by shoemakers, so it is a great tool to have.

3DShoemaker is fully upgradable and all versions come with a 14 day money back guarantee (minus a small processing fee of $8.50). Note that this guarantee only applies to the software and not 3D models purchased separately.

Basic Designer Ortho Maker Pro
Yearly Price Free $99
$139 $169 $199
Sample Round Toe Shoe Last Template
Parametric Shoe Last Grading and Editing
Parametric Component Grading and Editing
Advanced Design Features*
Pattern Flattening
Importing 2D/3D Foot Models
Orthotic Design (Orthotic Templates Sold Separately)
Alpha Joint Design for 3D Printing
Orthotic Smart Supports for 3D Printing
Morphing Patterns and Components
Basic Email Support**

* Advanced design features include but are not limited to editing multiple parametric curves simultaneously, showing surfaces when updating, and using clipping planes.

** Basic Email support is intended to get you up and running with 3DShoemaker and point you in the right direction when encountering issues. It does not include training to learn how to use the software. Training videos can be found here–Learn 3DShoemaker–and frequently asked questions can be found here–3DShoemaker FAQ. Please contact us if you are looking for more direct support for learning and using 3DShoemaker.