New Shoe Last Template: Manual Round Toe

Manual Round Toe Shoe Last Design Software Perspective Shadowed2

A new template is available for 3DShoemaker and can be found here: Manual Round Toe Parametric Shoe Last Template. Below is a quick video showing how to use this 3DShoemaker template.

This template is similar to the Round Toe Shoe Last Template except that there is much more control in the toe area. The shoe last bottom edge in the toe area is split into posterior and anterior sections on both the medial and lateral sides. These sections are each four point NURBS curves and the positions of the connecting points can be controlled. In addition to this, the toe wall curve (runs along the top of the toe wall) can also be controlled. This is unlike the first template I put out that had the toe wall curve automatically designed to follow the last bottom edge curve.

Manual Round Toe Shoe Last Design Template

This extra control takes some additional effort to work with. But once you get up to speed, you can create a great variety of shoe last toe shapes. And once you have a variety of templates, they can easily be graded to any shoe last size within 3DShoemaker.

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