What shoe size should I order and what are the measurements?

Shoe sizing is inconsistent from one brand to another, so it can be difficult to know your shoe size. We follow what we believe to be the most widely accepting sizing. All measurements for shoe lasts can be viewed via the ‘show measurements’ check box on the ordering form. And the insole patterns for standard sized orders can also be viewed prior to purchase here. Note that we no longer provide shoe last sizing recommendations based on foot measurements alone. This is because the shapes of the foot and shoe last also have an impact on what size is best (along with many other factors). A tracing could help us make a recommendation, but by the time we start inputting measurements and analyzing tracings and comparing to specific shoe last designs, we’re well along the path of the full bespoke process. So we tend to just suggest bespoke lasts unless you are familiar with what shoe size typically works best for you. Customers with an interest in sizing might consider reading the following resources which could help them decide on a shoe last size on their own:

viewing our collection of insole patterns

measuring girths

tracing the foot and taking measurements

adding allowances to foot measurements

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