I’m encountering issues, what are some trouble shooting steps?

General Things to Solve Issues:

  • 3DShoemaker requires that your computer is set to treat periods as decimal points. If it is set to commas, this will cause issues. To switch to periods, go to Regions/Additional Settings on your windows computer and set it here. This will should the error of wrong units or scale.
  • Avoid zeros for the various parameters. Zero values essentially tell 3DShoemaker that you are working with a template that was developed in an older version of the plugin that did not have that parameter. The workaround is to use a number close to zero, like 0.1 for instance.
  • Set Microsoft Windows including keyboard settings to English. This may not always be necessary, but if you are encountering issues, it could be due to language settings.
  • Reinstall 3DShoemaker. If you are encountering issues with the installation, it’s a good idea to try reinstalling (uninstall the install) 3DShoemaker.
  • Review the YouTube videos. There is an extensive set of YouTube videos that, if you follow along closely, may solve your problem.

If these general steps don’t solve your problem, and the problem relates to getting the plugin up and running and building your first model, then feel free to contact us for support. But if your issue is beyond installation and building your first shoe last, and relates to something more advanced, then note that the basic support included with a plugin license does not encompass this. Please contact us for training/consulting services.

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