3DShoemaker Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for using products from 3DShoemaker:

3D Prints Ordering Policies

All of our shoe lasts and components are manufactured on demand, as orders come in. Once we have started the development work for an order, we cannot provide a refund. Shipping within North America usually takes 1-2 weeks and outside North America is 2-3 weeks. But there can be shipping delays, particularly around the holidays. We do not provide refunds for delayed shipments. We do however provide full refunds for lost shipments. A shipment is considered lost only if one month has passed and it has not arrived. Lost shipments are extremely rare.

If we have made a mistake with your order, such as sending the wrong shoe last design, we will ship you the correction free of charge. For fit issues on bespoke orders, we provide one round of adjustments for free though we ask that you cover the shipping costs. Further adjustments are done at the base price of the shoe last.

On very rare occasions (less than 1% of orders), a shoe last may break. If this occurs within one year of purchase, we will replace (not refund) the broken shoe last. This is a one time courtesy we provide given we expect the customer to learn to work with our shoe lasts within the limits of the materials.

3D Model Terms and Conditions

– All 3D model sales are final.
– For bespoke orders, one round of revisions is provided free of charge.
– Neither the 3D model designs nor modifications of these may be transferred or sold to any other entity.
– The customer accepts full responsibility for any harm or damage that may come from using 3DShoemaker models, manufacturing the models, or using any manufactured instances of them.

3DShoemaker Rhinoceros3D Plugin Terms and Conditions

– 3DShoemaker is private property and shall not be distributed by any person or party other than the plugin author.
– The 3DShoemaker plugin may not be altered in any way.
– Any feedback provided by users may be incorporated into 3DShoemaker without restriction or payment.
– 3DShoemaker is provided as is and no guarantee is provided as to its correct and error free operation.
– You accept full responsibility for any harm or damage that may come from using 3DShoemaker.
– The plugin requires internet connectivity to use.
– This agreement does not transfer any right, title or interest in any intellectual property right.

General Terms and Conditions

– The customer agrees to not distribute copies, recordings, or any other form of duplication of support content including emails, videos, and screen sharing sessions.
– The details of this agreement may be subject to change at any time.