3D Printing for Shoemakers

On this page you’ll find resources for shoemakers interesting in learning how to 3D print shoe lasts and components.

3D Printing Shoe on Bambu Lab X1C for Sheet Sole

3D Printed Shoe with Sheet Sole

For many years now I've been wanting to try my hand at 3D printing shoes. And now that I have ...
Prusa VS Bambu Lab 3D Printers for Shoemakers Banner

Best 3D Printer for Shoemakers: Bambulab VS Prusa

The following is a comparison of the tried and true Prusa 3D printers and those from their upstart rival, Bambu ...
3D printed shoe last with rail joint assembly step 8

3D Printed Shoe Last Rail Joint Assembly

This is what I like to call a shoe last rail joint. It’s a 3d printed alternative to common shoe ...
3D Printed Orthotics Tutorial

How to 3D Print Orthotics

In this 3DShoemaker tutorial, I'm going to get into how to 3D print orthotics (sometimes referred to as insoles) using ...

How to 3D Print your own Shoe Lasts with Working Hinges

Have you ever wanted to 3D print your own shoe lasts, or at least get them printed locally? Did you ...